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We Are The Unicorns of the Digital World

Yes, we said that ourselves.


But our clients agree.

Testimonial about how awesome you are and how you changed their life.

Testimonial about how awesome you are and how you changed their life.

Testimonial about how awesome you are and how you changed their life.

Gotta be honest with you, we didn’t have any big hairy audacious goal when we started Digital Good Vibes.

All we really wanted to do was build awesome websites really help businesses grow, and bring more joy to both its owner and its visitors. 

We’re tired of seeing shitty websites that…

  • are so fancy and cost so much, yet do so little to help businesses grow.
  • have user interfaces which are harder to decipher than the Da Vinci code
  • are so lackluster looking that hitting the X button is almost an uncontrollable reflex

We decided it was time we do our part and create some good vibes in our beloved Internet world.

We Choose To Be The Unicorn

In the digital world, website builders are usually either designers or marketers, but rarely both. We strive to be the unicorns of the digital world (not only because unicorns are cool with their horns and rainbow poops). We simply believe you can and should have it all! 

We’ll help you stand out from the crowd, connect with your dream audience and grow your business online, with an awesome website that works harder and smarter for you!

In a world filled with

… big-name digital agencies that promise the world yet deliver so little, 

… big brands hogging the limelight and flooding the timelines,

… amazing small businesses not being seen and heard by their true audience. 

You need a website that looks gorgeous + grows your business + makes you more MOOLAH!

Meet The Chief Unicorns

Leah and Carmen met in an online community for digital entrepreneurs and were drawn towards each other’s no-BS quality (a rare thing in the online world!). 

Having been active in the online business world over the last half a decade they found themselves growing increasingly frustrated by the unsavory online marketing tactics and business practices practiced by some, ripping off non-digital folks that don’t know better.

Both running their own small business, they believe that effective, no BS digital marketing resources should be available to every business to help them grow and thrive. Effective online marketing doesn’t have to be spammy, icky or even difficult. They decided to join forces in 2019.

Combining Leah’s 10 years experience in the digital and e-commerce space, and Carmen’s hands-on experience helping new brands and small businesses from around the world create and execute their digital strategies, Digital Good Vibes is quickly becoming the go-to website agency for service-based businesses worldwide.

If you’re a small service-based business (expert, consultant, coach or personal brand) looking to build a new website, or you’re seeking reliable help in creating digital assets to help you connect with your audience online, we are here to help!

Find out more about Leah

Leah is the creator of a natural eco-conscious hair and skin cleansing brand called Get Dirty With Me.

She aims to rid the World of nasty chemical laden crap and make the world a better place, one plastic bottle at a time, by creating a mud-based multi-purpose cleansing powder which you can use as shampoo, hair conditioner, skin mask and facial and body wash.

Find out more about Carmen

Carmen runs a Digital Consulting and Management Agency called Your Big Digital Brand

Carmen consults and educate small businesses on how to get digital and get visible online, as well as help her clients manage their digital presence and create engaging content strategies. Her passion is to show quietly brilliant businesses how to launch and build a big brand presence online with a small business’s budget.