Making a website can be super frustrating.

We can help.

You’re here because…


You want a website for your business, but you:


For the love of God cannot seem to figure out WordPress!


Attempted Squarespace, or Wix, or Shopify, and it was anything BUT easy!


Don’t feel creative enough to build a good looking website!

Don’t know the first thing about what makes a good website and what needs to be on it!

Tried to get someone else to build it for you but every quote was more expensive than the last!


Are sick and tired of trying and JUST WANT ONE ALREADY!

We know our client’s website problems like the back of our hands.

So much so that we wrote a sad story about it.

The Tale of The Endless Website Cycle


Once upon a time, a fine business owner decided that they needed a website for their business.

They were great at their craft, but few potential customers knew that.

They knew they needed to showcase their expertise and get people to know about their brand, and having a website will allow them to do just that.

They decided to go the D.I.Y route because it was the more economical choice.

“Besides,” they thought, “with all the drag-and-drop website making software and programs, how hard could it be, right?”

But soon, they were combing through YouTube at 1:30 am. Paralysed by what they saw when they logged into their cPanel. Trying to point their domain to the web host, change the colour of the bloody links, and somehow get the website mobile optimized.

This should be easy peasy, but it was anything BUT!

They spent a lot of money on wine to dampen their frustration, became friendless because of their extreme irritability, and felt the urge to throw their computer out the window on a daily basis.

It was a nightmare.

So, after months of trying, they finally caved.

Unimpressed with what they had created (AND they ran out of wine), they looked into getting someone else to build the website for them.

However, each quote came back higher than the last! (They did find $100 Website Offers on Fiverr, but they had a gut feeling that it would turn out crappier than what they had made, and they were probably right!).

Disheartened, they went back to trying to fix it themselves.

Seasons came and went, and this poor business owner was still stuck in website-less limbo.

They lay awake at night, wondering what could have been, how the business could have soared to new heights, if only they had a professionally made, utterly beautiful, and mobile-optimized website. 

A website which they felt confident to show it off to people. One that drove leads and sales to their business consistently, without breaking the bank and ruining their sanity.

Sad story, isn’t it?

But this doesn’t have to be.  We’re so sick of hearing this story over, and over again, we’ve decided to change the ending!

Introducing the Good Vibes Website System for Service-Based Businesses

A brilliant, hybrid website system.

We know where and why you’re stuck on your website journey. We’ve designed the ultimate website system to solve your problems!


We solve your No.1 Website Problem


WordPress is the ultimate choice if you want a powerful, versatile, SEO-friendly website. That’s why top industry professionals, like Digital Good Vibes, Tim Ferris, and Harvard, build our websites on WordPress.

But the tech aspect can be daunting. We know that having to deal with hosting and theme installation is already a big turn off for many people. Especially if tech isn’t your favorite thing.


We include full hosting and installation, where we will set up everything for you.


We get the hosting up and running, install the theme, and your chosen Smart Template.


So when you log in to your WordPress dashboard, your website is ready and waiting for you to personalize it to your liking!


No logging into Cpanel. No playing with servers. No building the wireframe. We take care of that for you!

We'll walk you through how to add your content, colors and fonts with our video tutorials.

No coding skills required.

We make it so easy that if you can fill out a form, you can customize your site!


We solve your No. 2 Website Problem


We know web design isn’t everyone’s jam. But lucky for us, Leah, our co-founder, and Chief Tech and Design Geek, happens to LOVE making pretty things on the internet. All the templates are lovingly designed by her, to make sure your website impresses!

Our templates are easy on the eyes, mobile optimized, AND designed for generating leads and sales for YOUR industry!

We created each of these industry-specific templates based on: 


Our years of experience as digital product creators and digital marketers


Research and analysis within your industry to find the must-have elements for conversions.

75% of the websites in our research were not optimized for lead and sales generation! Our templates make sure that your website won’t become one of them!

Usability feedback from real site users and consumers


Built using Divi - The easiest and most versatile page builder the World as ever seen!

Straightforward editing right on the page itself. See your webpage exactly as it appears to your visitor!

We make sure your website is a sexy sales machine that brings you positive ROI.

And not just an expensive accessory for your business.


We solve your No.3 Website Problem


Getting a website is one thing, filling it with content that will create a connection with your visitor, and build your business, is another! We know not everyone is a wordsmith, and hiring a copywriter can be expensive!


We include copy prompts throughout the templates, so all you need to do is go through and fill it in as prompted!


No more staring at an empty page with the blinking cursor mocking you.


You'll have prompts to create the content you need, so you save time and money.

Pretty genius don’t you think?

Check out our professionally designed templates

The Angle Template

Suitable for Professional Services such as Agencies, Accountants, Consultancy services

The One-Pager Template

Perfect for Personal Brands that have only one service offering

The Block Template

A contemporary template that’s built for wellness or artistic professionals

Like what you see so far? We’re just getting started!

Let’s make your website journey as breezy as possible so you can do what you do best in your business.

The Good Vibes Website Package also comes with our AWESOME BUNDLE as a Bonus, which includes:

12 Months Premium Hosting (valued at $324)


  • We’ll set up professional grade hosting for you
  • WordPress installed for you
  • Our optimized Smart Template installed and ready to customize by you
  • SSL certificate to keep your site secure, and Google happy

12 Months Basic Site Maintenance + Security (valued at $144)


  • Daily Site Back-ups so you don’t lose your site in case of an alien invasion (which is highly likely)
  • Necessary Plug-In installation
  • Security Plug-In installation
  • Monthly Plug-In check and updates
  • Monthly Security Scan to make sure your site is secure

12 Months Membership to The Digital Society (valued at $564)


    • Where you can ask questions, get feedback and support the heck out of each other (we support the heck out of you!)
    • Soon-to-be-launched Membership content such as Website and Digital Marketing Courses and
    • Monthly Challenges that are in the making and releasing soon!

Use Divi Page Builder for FREE (save $99 a year)


  • Divi is no doubt the best and easiest to use page builder in WordPress history!
  • An extremely versatile and powerful page builder that features drag-and-drop capability and on page instant visual editing!
  • Usually costs $99 per year, but it’s FOREVER FREE with the package!

Let’s re-write your website story with a happy ending!

Only 10 beta websites available. Don’t miss out. Grab your spot now!


Gimme a Website NOW!

Get the Good Vibes DIY Website System for Service-Based Businesses


– We set up hosting and install the chosen Smart Template for you

– Access to the dedicated Member’s Site for Step-by-Step Video Tutorials on how to set up and personalise your website!



Gimme a Website NOW...and I don’t even want to touch it!

Get the Good Vibes DFY Website System for Service-Based Business


All you have to do is fill in a worksheet that guides you through the copy, the graphics, and the branding for your website. We’ll upload it all and create your website for you!




Q: It's awesome I get 12 months of free support, maintenance and hosting, but what happens after 12 months?
After the initial 12 months you can choose to:

1. Continue your subscription to the Awesome Bundle (which includes Hosting + Basic Site Maintenance + Digital Society Membership) for only $47 per month, or $450 a year (save $114), or

2. You can switch to a Hosting Only Plan to enjoy our superb hosting and keep your site alive for $27 a month, or $250 a year (save $74).

Q: What if I want to move the site to another host? Will I be in a lock-in contract?
We believe in freedom of choice! There is no lock-in contract and you can cancel your Hosting Plan or your subscription to the Awesome Bundle at any time.

If you no longer wish to host with us, there are no hard feelings!

You can continue to edit your website using the Divi Builder for FREE, and we can help with site migration for a small cost.

Just let us know if you need a hand!